Bang Bang

We've all stood in front of the mirror and stared at our bangs with the all-too familiar look of defeat. "Why can't they just do what they are supposed to?!" we ask ourselves.  We've straightened them to death, veered dangerously close to giving ourselves the over-hair sprayed 80's bang, and then eventually we grab a few pins and pull them back, vowing to grow them out and to never cut them short again.

Well, help has arrived.

First of all, bangs are not for everyone. They require daily (yes, DAILY) styling, and frequent trips to the salon for a trim (and by salon I don't mean your bathroom mirror with your kitchen scissors trying to recall how the pros do it).  Cowlicks and pesky curls happen, and whether you have the side swoop bang, the straight across bang or going for a piecey look, each requires the same foundation but with a slight variation depending on what you are going for.

Whether your hair is wet from freshly washing it or you are working with second (or third...fourth?!) day hair, we always need to start with our bangs.  First, section out your bangs away from your hair either by using clips or in a quick ponytail.  If your bangs aren't already wet, spray them with water until they are nice and damp, now apply a product if needed.  

Now take a flat brush (paddle, vent etc.) and we are going to blow dry in 3 different directions no matter what style bangs you have: straight down, to the left, and to the right.  Blow dry straight down for a few seconds then to the left, to the right, down, left, right, over and over again until they are dry, finishing in the direction you wear your bangs (down, to the left, to the right).  This is called wrap drying, and this will surely eliminate any cowlicks you have within your bangs giving a smooth and styled bang, but you're not done yet.

Here's where the customizing begins. If you wear a straight across bang I would recommend using flat iron once your hair is completely dry (never to be used on slightly damp or wet hair). If you would like a slight bend in your bang, use a round brush considering that the smaller the brush the more bend you will have. After this is complete, add a touch of hairspray to keep them from going anywhere.

If you want a piecy bang, a touch of a pomade or cream with a slight hold (I like Light Elements Defining Whip from Aveda) to the ends for some texture.