forever BOLD

so i've been thinking alot about what being natural means to me. it means alot of course but mostly it mean being myself and embracing who i am and how i want people to see me.
i get alot of messages  and emails about people's hair journey and hair goals alot of the time its about the desired hair length and that used to be me too i wanted thick natural LONG hair! but of late i've been wondering why? having a shaved head is so much easier for me and my life i believe it suits me and i don't go a day without someone passing positive comment on my bold look. so why do i still hunger for hair that reaches past my shoulder....or do i? i actually don't think i do i left my hair to grow the past six weeks and it got some good growth my hair texture has changed yet again and i was on the way to a cute TWA. but i went to the salon yesterday and shaved it all off. i know my hair will grow with care it will reach past my shoulders but then what? i won't be a different person, people won't like me any more or less than they do now, perhaps men will find me more attractive with long hair but do i really want to date a man that gives love according to hair lenght rather then the woman that i am regardless?
i told a friend that i was probably not going to grow back my hair, she said "but what about your wedding day?" huh? who said i was getting married? and if i was surely this man would be marrying more than my hair?
i guess i'm at the stage you get to beyond having a relaxer and going natural, the stage i believe you are at when u decide to have locks. i'm going to always be the girl with the bald head!

me and my bold headed best friend Carl!