THANK GOD! i love mexican food!

hey ladies today i went shopping in westfields with Dora! with a fro this big i had to rock the T-shirt i was sent  by the author of "thank god I'm natural" I'm half way though reading this book as I'm alternating between that and the vampire diaries! but i review will be here by the end of the week!
i must say me and dora had quite a day! its odd stepping out in a wig not sure why but it feels different than rocking a weave or braids for the first half hour i was so self concious that people were looking at me and they were because the fro is really really big lol! but after a while i forgot i was wearing it and got some nice complements from the shoppers of westfeilds. i went back to bricky (brixton) to buy another dora the ladie in the shop made me model the hair and i sold 2 for her!!!!
also had some mexican food yummmmmmmmy!