Aveda and Earth Day

Today is Earth Day, and because I studied cosmetology at an Aveda Institute, I thought it was only fair that I dedicate this posting to a leader in sustainability in the beauty industry.

Aveda produces hair and skin products that are as organic as possible, ensuring that the manufacturing of the product will be the least harmful to the planet  and the best for the consumer.  Aveda's mission statement is truly inspirational, and I feel a lot of beauty companies can follow their example, especially this Earth Day.

Aveda clearly has as strong passion for the Earth's well-being, and with that they put so much of their energy into Earth Month.  Since 1999, Aveda has raised more than $18.8 million dollars to help protect the Earth and it's people. They have created a Aveda Light the Way Lavender Candle  where 100% of the profits go towards protecting clean water.  Here is an inspiring video of the impact of this candle and clean water.

Aveda has contributed to allowing over 550,000 people to now have access to clean water.  Aveda has become a true leader in raising funds and awareness of clean water, among many other causes.

Aveda is more than a beauty product manufacturer, they are here to support the environment and to guarantee that we have the best products while minimizing our environmental footprint. They have created amazing relationships with indigenous cultures, purchasing their ingredients from local farmers, using recyclable packaging and even creating a hairspray (Air Control Hair Spray)that has a net zero impact on the Earth's climate.

Learn more about Aveda and all of the amazing things they have done for this beautiful planet at About Aveda,  And check out their truly inspiring videos about their partnerships with other cultures...it will open your minds.