the natural salon: joon miller at aveda

range from £55                         Aveda covent garden

joon miller is a afro hair specialist at aveda's flagship store in central London. she can actually cut natural hair!
the salon is in Covent garden and has a great feel to it! the products are amazing and work well with natural hair the dry remedy range is a must!
joon has many years of experience with all types of afro hair (natural and relaxed) and when visiting her you get a very personalised service she is also fantastic at scalp analysis so you get an all round holostic service.
joons price for a cut, set and wrap is from £79 not cheap but you well get a great cut! so why not treat yourself every six months with the skilled hands of joon.
the salon also provides great colorists that specialise in aveda color which is alot less harsh on the hair than other colors  on the market. fans of the brand include leona lewis.

the good: great cutting skills, knowledgeable about natural hair and scalps, excellent range of products.

the bad: quite expensive, no natural braiding OR loc services

dry remedy range
coming soon in the natural salon series the hair lounge