Second Day Hair Heaven

"Second day hair" is the absolute best.  It's not so squeaky clean where a bobby pin will fall right out and it's not dirty enough to where you want to throw a hat on your head and hide from the general public in fear you may run into someone you know (and believe me, I always do). But how can we have "second day hair" everyday?

A dry shampoo or hair powder really is a great option, and not too many people utilize this product.  It may be that they are scared of it, or unsure of how to use it.  Either way it is one of my favorite products for mulitiple reasons.

First of all, a dry shampoo really does what it says.  It is a dry product that you add to your hair when you don't want to wash, or want to stretch out your hairstyle another day.  It will cleanse your hair, will absorb oils, eliminate any odor (but really, if your hair is smelly you really should wash it) maintain hair color longer because you are shampooing less, can add volume, bounce, will save your hair from heat damage because you aren't styling as much, and can give your hair texture.  This is a great product if you need to add some grip to your hair and fabulous for big hair styles (all of my friends know I am deeply in love with big hair!) and updos.

This is not a replacement for washing your hair, it is just a product that will help stretch out that period between washes.  The reason it is not a replacement is because it works a little differently than the shampoo you use in the shower with water.  Regular shampoo works by removing the oils and products from your hair and is washed away by the water, while dry shampoos simply absord the oils, and can somewhat be brushed away as a temporary fix. 

Dry shampoos can come in both powders and sprays. I really like the sprays because it is not messy and you can control it a little bit better since some of the powders have mulitple steps and are time consuming, so read the label before you purchase.  I like to use products that don't have a step-by-step process to them, and really are quick and simple like these two products. These I love for absorbing oil and giving lift at the root (and take no time because you literally sprinkle it on and give your roots a rub and voila!) are

They work great and can give your hair a tossled sexy look to it.

For color treated hair, I would recommend the Bumble and Bumble hair powders, because they come in white, blondish, red, black, and dark brown.  This is a great way to temporarily blend roots and still do everything a dry shampoo does. Just beware of your pillow cases and running your fingers through your hair since it will come off. 

So if you are in a rush, out camping, no access or are wanting to conserve water, or just plain lazy, try a dry shampoo or hair powder!