The Email: How to use Shea Butter

"I have a big problem, I just went natural in January and I’m loving it a lot. Your blog has been a great help when it comes to products, however I just bought some Shea butter from and I was a bit surprised. You could call me a bit of a blonde!!! but what i don’t know is  what to do with it now as it is unrefined. Do I just apply to hair when twisting or do something else. Thank so much, you blog has inspired me and helped embrace the natural me.
I will attach a pic of my natural hair for you to see my slow but fun process of growing my hair, hope to see you one day in Croydon. I’ll make sure i buy you lunch."


not a silly question at all Kani! I was also very confused when I first got a tub of Shea butter a few years ago. unrefined Shea butter when used correctly is a god send! 

some facts: Shea butter is a natural fat that is taken from the Shea tree commonly found in Africa, unrefined Shea butter is a yellowish colour. it's a solid substance until it is emulsified, Shea butter can be used for body, face and hair.
Shea butter is a fat, so it is an oil and should be used to seal in moisture rather than as a moisturiser, I use my Shea butter after I have moisturised my hair with a leave in or hair milk, I simply warm the butter in my hand and apply along my hair shaft concentrating on the ends of my hair, you can also mix or whip your Shea butter, with essential oils or blend them with other oils
be sure that Shea butter is the right oil for you, be sure to try out coconut oil and castor oil (to name a few), I'm so glad you are enjoying your hair journey