Outfit of the day: denim+leopard+leather

denim shirt: uniqlo
scarf: blanco
skirt: vintage
shoes: topshop

hey guys! today out was inspired by past posts of trae harris and the fab leopard and denim combo from yesterday, i have this thin chain necklace that i just can not find! it drop between your cleavage!  never one to be put off by minor details i decided to draw the necklace on with nyx's eye pencil in milk (like trae harris's tribal face paint). i don't know if the head wraps(lol) or just getting older, i'm gaining alot of interest in learning about my culture, and finding out more than just the superficial surface  layer. as a young Nigerian woman adopted into a white family in a western country it is some time's hard to feel African (if you know what i mean) i feel a pilgrimage coming along! ha ha ha 
anyway this post is about my clothes what do you think? 

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