The Response: Mean Girls & Cyber Bullies

I was blog stalking my favorite blogger nikia over at model liberation. Were she has posted about cyber bullying on many popular online outlets especially in blog comment boxes, she fears that alot of cyber bullying is conducted by women.

I've always thought that I had been fortunate enough to have not been victim of cyber bullying, but on some levels I have whether it underhanded bitchy comments, or being frozen out or given the cold shoulder by fellow bloggers.

Cliques on line just like in high school can be socially damaging, i went to an all girl school and i must say that girls can be mean very very mean! (sometimes unwittingly)

"Criticism is the judgement of the merits and faults of the work or actions of an individual or group by another (the critic). To criticize does not necessarily imply to find fault"

Constructive criticism is not the same as being rude, freedom of speech does not mean you have the right to be mean girls. Also this is a two way street, bloggers can not complain about cyber bullying or nasty comments when they are negative in there posts, "hot or not" type posts invite readers to pass a negative judgement on others and it can and often does get out of hand.

You could argue that we put ourselves out there to be critiqued but we do not put ourselves out there to be bashed, because as nikia said it can lead to real problems. So if you are an anon (anon seems to be where we get our most negative commentary) read your comment back to yourself ask how you would Feel if you found it in your inbox.

If you are experiencing cyber bullying I suggest you don't Feed the vultures, moderate your comments and don't post any nasty comments, also positivity will breed positivity so I urge bloggers do on to others....

On another note I have lifted moderation from Naturalbelle as some followers have had problems leaving comments, I know all Naturalbelle followers are respectful to each other, and give genuine constructive feedback, share idea's and advice. So let's keep the blogspere a happy positive place for all
please check out Nikia's post here and comment/follow