A good friend and Client tie's the knot!

 Leah has been a color/haircut client of mine since I moved here year's ago. We have gone from a very short sassy haircut to growing it all out for her wedding. We might have had a little help with some clip-in hair extension's.
 I was so excited when I heard she was engaged! She called me right away and said "I'm booking you before any other vendor's" and I also want you to be at my wedding! Love this girl!!!

She had her wedding at the O Street Mansion in DC, such a eclectic place. They have hidden passageway's and room's to explore in the mansion as well as vintage stuff that you can actually purchase. Each room has a theme, it's just a really cool place, if you haven't seen it, go tour it!

We decided on 2 hairstyle's for Leah since, you know I was there and all. For the 2nd hairstyle, I had an idea to clip off these flower's I had on a headband. They matched her Anthropologie dress perfectly! I hope to have some more photo's soon, but for now, check out below…..

Her 2nd Hairstyle and flower's we added.

My handsome hubby and I at Leah's beautiful wedding.