De Je Vue! I have worked with these gal's before!

I love when I get to see these gal's again for either their own wedding's or wedding's they are in, so fun!

I took some pics of the ladies I did last weekend and most of them turned out blurry :( that's what you get when you take pic's on your I-phone.

Here are a few that turned out of the bride and bridesmaid below. They all were so stunning and I have worked with the bride as well as some of the maid's before and looking forward to working with another at her upcoming Fall wedding, such sweet gal's! I'm excited to get the professional pics back from the photographer.  

Here is a pic of a trial I just did! Theresa was a bridesmaid in a previous wedding I did as well.  Beautiful hair, beautiful girl! I loved that she brought me 2 photo's (from the blog) and said she liked thing's about both, so we just mixed them together. Looking forward to working with her again for her big day in September!