tried and tested: Phillip Kingley

who? Phillip Kingsley, or 'the hair doctor' is one of the leading authority's in hair health. they use trichology
" the branch of medicine that deals with the scientific study of the health of hair and scalp"

they have developed a range for "ethnic textured hair" called moisture extreme the range claims to  meet the needs of extremely porous hair by forcing moisture into the hair shaft to reduce breakage  and protect against friction.

the people at Phillip Kingsley sent me a full size shampoo and conditioner 200ml to try out*

what belle thought:
as you know i don't really review that many products i get sent things but most of the time i don't want to waste your time telling you about rubbish!
i'm always a little sceptical when a company that does not specialise in afro hair comes out with a product directed at our hair, however i was impressed with the detail in which this company looks at hair from a medical standpoint. as someone who has scalp problems i am interested in this company.

i have been using the product for five days now.

the shampoo: i have used the shampoo twice in the five days, and i have been impressed!
the first time i shampooed i hadnt washed my hair for about 2 weeks so it has alot of product and build up.
i only needed one shampoo and my hair was clean. the best thing about the shampoo was that my hair did not feel brittle after the shampoo, as i tend to find most shampoo strip my hair this shampoo left my hair still feeling moisterized. this might be down to the detergent that is derived from cocoa butter. 

the conditioner: i have been co washing with the conditioner daily. its very light and contains natural oils such as almond , avocado and babassu. my hair felt instantly soft when i put the condition in my hair but the real test lay when my hair was dry. my hair was still relatively soft after my hair was dry and with out product my curl pattern was more defined and i think my hair looks shiny(see above) i have colour treated hair so this product has really put back some of the lost moisture back into my hair


overall i really liked the product i'm interested to try some of the other products especially the ones for the scalp!
as i have short hair the 200ml would go far but i think if you have longer hair you will struggle with the amount you will use for the price £14 for the shampoo and £17 for the conditioner hopefully if the product is successful they will get litre bottles (please!!) if you have ever used Aveda or any other high end shampoo's or conditioners you will know the price is quite reasonable and unlike some other brands that claim to work for our hair this one actually does! this product is not 100% natural but i can live with a few long words i can't pronounce if it actually does what it promises. 

*i was sent these products free of charge. all opinions on these or any  products are are my own i was not paid to review this product. many thanks to ashley @ purepr

belle x

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