Haircut Mistery From Lisbon

ines our friendly punkgirl
ines our friendly punkgirl
Today Inês was up for an interview:
How long are you working in the salon?
I’ve been here for 3 and a half years already, time’s been flying….
How comes that you are still here – isn’t it boring?
Not really  We always have different clients and different work to do, and after all this time it’s like working with friends and family. The salon has a very good energy, and I usually don’t get fed up with good energies. It’s hard to leave!
What would you really like to try out one day?
Hmmm…. This is a hard one…. Luckily for me, I always have clients that let me do whatever I want, so I don’t think there’s anything I would like to do but can’t. In my own case, shave my head but then I wouldn’t have any hair to play with… And I love playing with hair…..
mrs Z a dedicated cutter
mrs Z a dedicated cutter
where would you like to work (at least for a while)
In an immediate future, i would like to work in Berlin, then maybe London to visit some friends, and in a few years Tokyo and Kyoto. And in Portugal, maybe spend a while in Porto. You should never put your own country a side…
What group of people is most inspiring for you?
Definitely Punk in all its variations and Japanese Anime. And my coworkers obviously, you always learn a lot and get inspired by watching others working.
You are quite concerned about the environment which is not very typical for a “alfacinha” – do you talk to the people in your neighborhood and in your family about that?
Maybe not in my neighborhood, but to my family, friends, coworkers, to everyone that comes into my home or to wich homes I go too…Everyone I caught doing something wrong… I’m a wee bit of a dictator with it
Would you like to become the Prime Minister of Portugal one day?
No… Not really… I don’t really like politicians.  I think i would end up slapping all of those around me… Hehehe…
inês enjoying one of the rare quiet moments at work