Barbers.......negative experience!

i wish barbers weren't so full of men!  so i went to a different barber today the cut was on point it's a liitle shorter than i was planning but i still think its fly! however i won't be going back to this barber due to how unconfortable i felt. first of course there was the inicial wow you got a shaved head!! duh yeah i know!!then i had the most pervy barber known to man who did not stop pestering me for my number! and i was not flattered he was NOT  cute!! its like they had never seen a woman before! then they want to know why i shave my hair one even having the cheek to say "girl you'd be soo fine with hair" ........!!!!!! then i had to spit some verbs at this dude and let  him know about a natural sister! he soon changed his tune "but erm yeah you have a cute face so it work it works!" yeah duh!! i used to suffer from low self esteem and i guess i still do a little but comments like that which would have made me so upset now just makes me think poor you!!
i want you guys to know that never ever take negativity to heart turn it into positivity! those who say mean things to you have the problem not you!!