Emma Watson is leaving Brown for another University

Emma's reps confirmed to E! today that the previous bullying rumors are indeed untrue. The big news is Emma's reps also confirmed that she has decided to leave Brown.

Here's a snippet of the article:

"While the rumor mill recently heated up with reports that Watson would be teased with comments like, "Three points for Gryffindor!" whenever she answered a question correctly or attempted to participate in class, the actress herself denied those reports several months ago.

In an interview with Time magazine back in November, the 21-year-old fielded reader questions and one of them was about the supposed utterances thrown Emma's way.

"No," she replied when asked if such bullying comments were ever thrown her way. "Actually, I'm really glad that he asked. That has never happened to me. Maybe someone said it under their breath, but I've never, ever had anyone say that when I've been in a class."

Watson's rep confirmed as much to E! News, saying, "There is absolutely no truth in this rumor whatsoever."

However, it turns out there is truth to another rumor—specifically, the one about Emma leaving Brown altogether. While the actress announced last month that she would be holding off on continuing her education while she finished up some films, it turns out, she's only holding off on continuing her education at Brown, and, per her rep, will be transferring schools.

But not because of bullying!

"Emma has enjoyed her time at Brown tremendously and made many friends there who she keeps in constant contact with. She has now decided to change university, but not for the bullying, as that is just completely untrue. She has just decided to continue with a different course. But, for reasons of security I am not prepared to divulge which university she will be attending."

That's OK, the rumor mill has no such qualms. The most recent round of rumors has Watson pondering a relocation to (where else?) New York City, with Columbia or New York University likely being her top picks."