brogues (oxfrords)

beauty is skin deep asked

"could you show some looks with tights/leggins for winter outfits and ways to wear oxfords. im debating on wheter or not to buy them"

Brogues, often known as wingtips in the United States, are low-heeled shoes made of heavy leather, originating in Scotland and Ireland as a coarse, usually untanned leather shoe. The term wingtip derives from the toe cap pattern, which forms a W and resembles the profile of spreading bird wings
brogues play suit 

brogues play suit by naturalbelle featuring Alice In The Eve blazers

brogue outfits

brogue outfits by naturalbelle featuring TopShop

brogue outfit

brogue outfit by naturalbelle featuring Helmut Lang jeans

brogues are comfy and stylish and girl any outfit a stylish edge! pick them up in didfferent colours! but get a basic brown or tan pair for work and play!