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aviator style

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aviator style by naturalbelle featuring TopShop

the aviator look is s trend we will see alot of as the weather gets colder! it seems the only winter cover up for this season is the aviator jacket or gillet! and if Burberry has anything to do with it we shall be wearing fur lined everything! the key to the trend is layering and autumnal tones!

*invest in a good sheepskin lined jacket it will last you a life time!
*if your budget won't stretch get a fur collar which will give the same look
*the key accessories for this look are of course the aviator glasses! fur lined ankle boots and the leather/canvas backpack!
*re use the spring/summer military pieces like the peg leg khaki trouser, waistcoats and anything khaki green!
*get rid of your embellished military the look we are going for more 1940's aviator
*dress the look up with metallic dresses and skirts 
* pick up hats and other paraphernalia at the army surplus store
*avoid looking to themed
*shop the look at zara and topshop