Another wonderful letter

Dear natural belle,

Thanks to your blog among other natural blogs, I went natural three months ago ( and loving it!!). At first I was skeptical about wearing my hair out in it's natural state due to negative encouragement from some family members and outside opinions from past high school peers( I graduated June 17, 2010). I would have never thought about going natural until my sister found your blog. When my sister told me about your blog I instantly fell in love with the culture and fashion themes that your blog possessed. I also admired your confidence in wearing your short natural hair. The fact that you had enough self confidence to rock your beautiful bald hair gave me the confidence to say "hey if natural belle can be proud of her natural self than why can't I?" The next thing I knew my self reliance for extentions ceased and my desire to wear my natural tresses flourished. Although many of my high school peers thought that I had lost my beauty by taking out my super long extentions there was still a small minority of people at my school who believed that I became a became a goddess by sporting my curly coils. I allowed for the positive energy from my sister and the people who loved my coily spirals to stay in my heart, and flushed out the negative opinions and glares about my beautiful 4b hair!!! Thank you natural belle from the bottom of my heart!!!!!

"wow you look stunning glad you've embrassed your natural fierceness!!!!"

Keep the great letters and stories about your journeys coming, send to