Why I'm natural-a letter from Ashley

Hi, My name is Ashley Dawson and Im 17 years old. Today was my first time viewing your blog due to me searching for a 101 session on when and how to get the BC done. I have been inspired by many beautiful black women like India Aire,Erikyah Badu,Teyana Taylor and also my Band and English teachers who both have long beautiful dreadlocks. Seeing and hearing many more females' stories on how they are transitioning and becoming natural is truely an inspiration for me , i feel so good about chopping off my own hair and going natural.Im getting ready to get the BC in a few weeks after doing much research! I'll stop blabbing now and tell you why i want to be and am going NATURAL,,Well reason one: I have always wondered what my natural hair texture is, reason two: As i said before im really inspired by Other women with Big fros and that have dreads and have done the BC, reason three: Im a free soul,My style is wild and open.And i feel that going natural is who i am! Thank you sooo much for the blog,Its a blessing.Please continue to blog!

Below i included a picture of me know with my transitioning hair after i took out my braids..I will be getting the BC soon!

I love this letter girl thank you!!!

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