The MANicure

The first moment out of the salon is a feeling of invincibility. A stylish new haircut, hair color that sparkles in the sunshine accompanied by an amazing manicure leaves one floating along, consumed by a natural high. For the next few hours, even days, no harm can cross our paths and and nothing can bring us down.  Looking amazing and feeling even better is what it's all about, right boys?

That's right. Men are frequenting the local salons for other reasons than the monthly haircut. Eyebrow shaping, body waxing and even manicures are rising in popularity with men, not because their girlfriend/wife/sister/whoever hogtied them and threw them into a salon against their free will. Men, despite sexual orientation, career, or location in the world are paying more attention to their grooming by choice, and I think it's fantastic.

Women don't get manicures strictly because it's the "girly" thing to do.  Any woman can turn an activity "girly". Take a girl to a boxing match and we can always find a way to take the masculinity out of it, replacing it with conversations of hair, shoes, jewelry, clothing (ex. "Oh his shorts don't match his gloves!") Same with manicures. 

Manicures (or pedicures, same concept but different digits) are not something women do to feel "girly", it's for maintenance.  Cuticles are trimmed down, hangnails eliminated, dead skin is exfoliated and calluses are scrubbed off. Doesn't sound so "girly" anymore does it? Sure we add a nice pink polish or a little delicate flower, but that's something extra for ourselves. We all need to be spoiled a little.

There are multiple reasons for men to get manicures. 1. It's relaxing. How often does a man get to sit down, relax, enjoy a nice massage with limited conversation? Almost never.  2. A man who looks good feels good.  I've seen men walk out of the barbershop and you can't help but notice they carry themselves a little higher. I've heard from my male friends that there's nothing like a straight edge shave with a hot towel, and confidence can come from a manicure as well (I'll bet the shave is a little better though). 3. Women notice these things, actually we notice everything. 4. Maintenance.

So men, get out there and visit your local manicurist! No one will judge you and if they do, just remember how good your hands and feet look!